It’s Been a While…

Let’s see if I can jump back on this! I’ve made a lot of the recipes listed originally here by now, and I’ve made comments for myself on which to try again, what to do differently, and removed those that I didn’t like. But it would be kind of fun to start logging the adventure part of it again.

So, this weekend I made dairy free and gluten free chunky chocolate chip cookies, adapted from “eat, live, run” ‘s recipe, here. I actually ended up changing it a bit by general purpose GF flour (Bob’s Red Mill), light brown sugar, a mixture of maple syrup and honey, a mixture of coconut and canola oils, crunchy peanut butter and carob chips. They taste really great, but could probably have used more peanut butter or maybe honey for a binding source.

Here are some pictures- yes I still do not have a good kitchen for photography, proper lighting or the camera/camera skills to take worthy photos!



I would definitely try these out again.

Aside from the cookies, I made Chloe Coscarelli’s Mexicali Sliders. I have made these before. This time I was not prepared…I thought I was…and they turned out tasting great, but the ingredients refused to come together to form patties. So it’s more like i sauteed a bunch of beans and veggies together and poured them on top of a bun. Still tasty though. A few things went wrong in that I thought I had canned black beans (I had dry). I tried to quick soak them along with some kidney beans, which probably didn’t work and then tried to cook them. By the time they were done cooking the overhead light in my kitchen decided to die out, so I grabbed my lantern and cooked by lantern-light! And this probably also contributed to my dinner fail.

But it’s good to be back, and hopefully I’ll jump back in and keep things rolling!


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