Some Stuff I’ve Tried Out

So I didn’t start this blog out as smoothly as I would have liked, but since it’s really just for me to store and test all the recipes I find online, I don’t think anyone will be bummed that I’m not keeping a strict schedule here. I do realize though that I should really post my thoughts soon after making recipes since at that point they’ll be “fresher” than now.

So first! I think this is one of my favorite new recipes, and I really hope I’ll be able to make this like a once a month regular dish. It’s Chef Chloe’s Blueberry French Toast from my Breakfast page – SO GOOD!! I think I saw her win on Cupcake Wars (another addiction of mine) and seeing that she bakes vegan, I looked her up on Google and found her entire website. There are some really delicious looking recipes on there and this is one of the 1st that I’ve tried out.

It was really easy to make- even though I managed to mess up. You just mix the ingredients in a bowl, heat some oil in a pan, dip your bread an fry! My mistake was that I got confused and also used the canola oil in the batter mix…woops. It still turned out fine with the extra oil haha. The blueberry compote was even better than the french toast, although I would also make an adjustment to it next time. It was literally soo easy. Just put a ton of blueberries in a pot with some maple syrup, cinnamon and lemon juice and that’s it. I put in a bit too much lemon juice, so I’ll hold back on that next time.

Here’s how it turned out!

Vegan French Toast with Blueberry Compote

Right, so I’m not even close to a photographer, but maybe at some point I’ll get ask good as the people that submit to Foodgawker 🙂 Nevertheless, I strongly recommend this recipe.

So my favorite part about the blueberry comp0te- going to Kiwi for frozen yogurt and booking it back to the apartment to put this deliciousness on top. THEN buying and trying dairy-free ice cream for the 1st time with compote heated in the microwave on top! YUUMMM. (it was cherry vanilla ice cream mmm).

Wow so after posting about this it makes me want to make it again and next time I’d totally love to use challah.

This is already kind of long, so I’ll just post 1 more recipe I made a couple weeks ago.

Next up, a delicious pesto pizza made from leftover veggies! Patrick and I made a pizza the week before (a recipe on here that I didn’t take a pic of but I’ll make again), and so we had an extra crust. We also had leftover pesto in a jar, onions, tomatoes and an eggplant. We just scooped all the remaining pesto (maybe 1/8-1/4 of a smallish jar) onto the crust, then layered the tomatoes, onions and finally eggplant. We sprinkled the top with the veggie parmigiana cheese. And here it is:

Pesto Veggie Pizza

It was really really good for a leftover pizza- I loved the pesto as the base and the veggie parm cheese is surprisingly super tasty. I even took this in for work where I can’t toast stuff and just ate it cold- still really yummy. The only issue is the damn crust from Whole Foods 365 brand that we can’t quite slice through! Mind you, we don’t have a pizza cutter (on my birthday list), but a sharp knife should still be able to do the trick, right? Why won’t this crust ever slice easily?!

So that’s all I’ll share today. Let’s hope I can get on track with this and start making it a regular kind of thing!


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